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Since 1978, Pediatric Dental Center of Idaho has kept kids smiling. Our preventative approach helps children have healthy smiles for life, and we provide them with a comfortable, fun environment. By offering TVs, video games, movies, and more for children to entertain themselves with, we are able to provide excellent dental care using state-the-art technology. We are family-owned and truly care about children, giving parents the peace of mind they need to know their child is being taken care of by a loving, compassionate team.

For your convenience, we have two offices, one in Coeur d’Alene and one in Sandpoint.

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Caring for Kids’ Smiles in North Idaho Since 1978


It is recommended that children receive their first oral evaluation within six months of the eruption of their first tooth, and no later than their first birthday. During the first visit, we compile a medical and dental history, perform a thorough oral exam, assess your child’s risk of dental disease, and determine a course of action to reduce risk of dental problems.

Thumb/finger sucking, teeth-grinding, mouth breathing, pacifiers and other oral habits can threaten your child’s dental development and result in the need for orthodontic treatment. During your child’s initial exam, we will assess for these oral habits and help you determine how to best discontinue the habit if your child doesn’t stop on their own.

We work hard to detect any developing orthodontic problems in developing children. When caught early, we can often prevent a child from needing future complete orthodontic treatment. We have tools at our disposal to solve many orthodontic problems, but we also provide referrals for children who need complete braces.

At Pediatric Dental Center of North Idaho, we provide services to prevent your child from developing oral problems.

Sealants are tooth-colored, acrylic-like caps placed over teeth that are susceptible to decay, to protect them from bacteria, food, plaque and more. Sealants are placed on the child’s back teeth when their permanent molars erupt, as they are ridged on top and are more difficult to reach and clean.

Fluoride is an element that helps prevent tooth decay. Most communities in Northern Idaho don’t have fluoridated water, which means it is important your child receive fluoride treatments at the dentist’s office, to help strengthen teeth. We will work with you to determine the best fluoride dosage and regimen for your child.

Baby Bottle Tooth Decay is the leading cause of tooth decay in children under three years old. Greater than 85% of the children we treat in the hospital under general anesthesia is a result of prolonged bottle or breast feeding. When sweetened liquids, such as milk, formula and fruit juice, remain on your infant’s teeth for a long period of time, bacteria in the mouth form acids that weaken the enamel. Then, decay can occur.

To prevent Baby Bottle Tooth Decay, avoid giving your child sweetened liquids too many times in a day, and do not allow them to fall asleep with a bottle, during naps or at night. When a child sleeps, they sometimes don’t swallow all of the liquid, causing it to pool around the teeth. Discontinue bottle use by 12 months of age and help your child develop good oral hygiene habits!

Good oral health starts with a healthy diet! Make sure your child is eating the proper amount of fruits, vegetables, and whole grains, as well as nuts, cheese and other nutritious snacks. It is best to avoid very sugary foods, such as candy, cake, pie, some fruit drinks, soda, and white bread.

Our office provides general anesthesia on a regular basis to provide care for patients who need extra attention, such as infants or young children who need extensive treatment, patients with special needs, and children with significant dental anxiety who are not able to cope with dental treatment.

Sedation is a useful tool for children who are extremely anxious about dental treatment. We use nitrous oxide (laughing gas) or oral sedatives to help children cope so we can perform the necessary procedures. We will discuss these options with you at the initial dental exam.

All of our dental instruments and office surfaces are sterilized and disinfected thoroughly between patients, so you can rest assured your child is protected from infections.

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Patient Testimonials

“The staff are always friendly and welcoming, ensuring positivity for my kids’ visit. Dr John is knowledgeable and takes the time to answer my questions and makes my kids feel comfortable and safe. It’s pretty special to be able to take my kids to the same dentist I went to as a kid.”
– Katrina G.

“My kids are always very well taken care of! The Doctor and staff are always very attentive and professional! I wholeheartedly would recommend Pediatric Dental Center of North Idaho.”
– Kristin M.

“Wonderful, caring staff and excellent dentist for my little scaredy-cat. Highly recommend!”
– Miranda F.

“We have been going here for about 10 years now, and the place is definitely a calming environment at every stage for the kids. The team is amazing, kind, patient, knowledgeable, and answer all our questions in a way that we can easily understand. We love Dr. John and his team!”
– The Galle Family

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